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Playing with the "Talking In Pictures" Communication Toybox is the fantastic, easy way to encourage language development and engagement.


The Mini Toy Box includes -


9 x Toys + Bonus Toy

9 x Laminated Picture Cards

9 x Laminated Colour Cards for Communication Development

Laminated Choice Board

Instruction Notes PDF with Progress Reporting Chart 

The mesmerising toys including magnets, wind up toys and cars which have been selected and developed through working with hundereds of Special Needs and Autistic Children, teachers, assistants and parents. 

This box and contents has been carefully curated to include a range of toys that have proven to be highly motivational, with beautiful labled photos of each item laminated with velcro so that your student is able to immediately begin communicating through picture exchange. 

This is the perfect resource for developing communication, as each toy gives lots of opportunity for language development by describing colours, actions and many more attributes! 

The box includes a laminated choice board which allows you to present as few or as many pictures for exchange as your student is able to work with, allowing them to build up sight vocabulary at their own pace. 

Talking In Pictures Mini Communication Toybox

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