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Does every child who gets an Autism diagnosis have a specific profile?

Updated: May 13, 2020

In answer to the question "Does every child who gets a diagnosis have a specific profile?" in my experience absolutely not, as one author has put it "If you have worked with one person with autism, you have worked with one person with autism" meaning that no 2 cases are alike....however there are some commonalities which means that certain strategies and techniques can be effective depending on the student.

The main point being though the tools need to be part of a toolkit, and they will not work for every individual and/or in every situation (for example behaviour is often very different if a child is in school or in home; same child, different environment) There is such a spectrum of behaviour I often find it useful to try to observe behaviour and try to work out what it means, to think If I were behaving in that way, why would I be doing that? What sort of thing would make me do something? For example if a child is banging their head on a table, I think "what would make me do that?"...the answer is often stress, so I look for what might be stressing that child and attempt to alleviate the stress as best as i can by changing the environment.

In terms of the diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder from what I understand of Autism the entire condition is a Sensory Processing Disorder, so from my (Educational, not medical) perspective I would view the 2 as interchangeable. I hope this helps, I am working on a blog to put some of these views up in one place. One good source of initial free information I have found is which has a free training guide if you don't mind signing up to their mailing list. I'm thinking of signing up with them for some ABA training as the stuff we get in the education system is unfortunately quite limited due to budget cuts and lack of vision! Anyway hope this helps a little bit for now!

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