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Talking In Pictures 
Special Needs Education & Play

Special Needs Curriculum  Resources for Teachers


Toy Boxes & Communication Resources - Parents, Carers, Family and Friends, help your child unleash speech, enjoy communicating and develop thier independence. 


We are on a mission to empower teachers and parents to engage Autistic & Special Needs Children through motivating resources that  inspires learning through play

Is YOUR Child getting the BEST opportunities to Learn Reading and Communication Skills?

Does Your Child or Your students have the opportunities to Ask 300 Questions a Day? Sadly, in many schools,

children are not getting these opportunities.

Talking in Pictures wants to change all that. 

We are on a Mission to 'Unleash Speech'

Join Us! 

The Talking In Pictures Toy Box has been developed through years of teaching and playing with children with Autism and other Communication Difficulties. 


We have created a toybox full of exciting toys and combined them with visual symbols and words, designed to be incredibly motivational and help develop speech or communication extremely quickly. 


Getting your child to request their favourite toys using the Talking In Pictures Toy Box is a great way to helping develop the link between symbols and communicating their own wants and needs.